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Ukrainian company, holder of the brand "MetGum" , produces rubber-metal auto parts for wide range of cars ( silent blocks, anthers, stabilizer bushings, engine pillows and springs, and others parts ) for most popular car models.

The enterprise is certified by the head state institute of elastomers UNIKTI "DINTEM".

Our site contains useful information for professionals involved in repairing cars with selling auto parts, and also for car enthusiasts.

Detailed technical information about our products can be obtained by using the search form according to the part number in the top left, matching the size of the Hob, anther, stabilizer bushings search by brand and model of car.

We also released an electronic catalog of auto parts EPC Metgum. You can get it using the next link 'CD-catalog'.

We constantly keep in touch with consumers of our products and gratefully accept both criticism and any useful suggestions. Information for customers, you can find with the next link. Tips.

"MetGum" website is an online store of auto parts, here you can make the purchase of the necessary parts online. The online store of auto parts TM "MetGum" offers a wide selection of silent blocks, anthers, stabilizer bushings, and other rubber products. We will process your order as quickly as possible, this is important for urgent car repairs.

Silent blocks are the main products of the company "MetGum" . The silent block is a rubber-metal hinge consisting of outer and inner sleeves and an elastic tab located between them. As a tab between the sleeves, usually used rubber. The silent block was invented to reduce chatter and vibrations at the joints of parts in moving mechanisms. The most active use of the silentblock was obtained in the design of the vehicle's suspension and serves as a mechanism for mitigating shock loads. The silent block in good condition provides both radial and angular, as well as axial compliance. Rubber-metal hinges are used in the front and rear suspension. In the front suspension, this is a silent block of the lever, subframe, stabilizer bar bush, engine mount or gearbox mount. In the rear suspension - rear beam silent block, jet thrust, longitudinal and transverse lever, in springs.

The company "MetGum" produces auto parts for a huge range of cars. We produce bushings, anthers, stabilizer bushings, engine mounts and springs, other rubber goods. The listed products are manufactured for such makes and models of cars: Ford, Opel, Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Skoda, Fiat, Peugeot, Mercedes, BMW, Nissan, Toyota, Lexus, Infiniti, Mitsubishi, Volvo, Mazda, Honda, Chevrolet, Daewoo, Iveco, DAF, Hyundai, Renault, Subaru, MAN, Suzuki, SAF, BPW, Aveo, Lacetti, Nubira, Megane 2, Tiida, Note, Lanos, Transit, Focus, Sierra, Mondeo, Sprinter, Omega, Vectra, Transporter, LT , Octavia, Ducato, Boxer, Doblo, Maxima, X-Trail, Primera, Camry, Rav 4, Lancer, Accord, Civic, Turbodaily, New Daily, Tucson, Sportage, Master, Clio, Legacy, Tribeca, Grand Vitara and many others . All range of products can be founded in this official "MetGum" online auto parts store. For the convenience of acquaintance, we suggest using the search function of a silent block, anther or stabilizer bush using dimensions, or brand and model of the car, or the original part number. For all parts produced by our company, full technical information is provided (drawings, diagrams, dimensions, photos)

The use of high-quality raw materials and materials, as well as the use of our own developments and know-how, allow us to produce high-quality products adapted specifically for domestic roads. We do not strive for the lowest prices - we strive for high quality! That is why TM “MetGum” silent blocks for almost 30ty years on the auto parts market have proven themselves from the best side. TM “MetGum” silent blocks constructively and qualitatively benefit in comparison with identical parts from other manufacturers.

It's no secret that many car manufacturers (for example, Japanese, Korean, French) did not provide for the possibility of replacing only the silent block in the lever. In the case of its breakdown, it is required to replace the entire lever, as in the original, the silent block is supplied only as an assembly with a lever (subframe, a burden). The cost of such repairs may be x10 higher than the cost of replacing only the Hob. The MetGum company is constantly studying the needs of the Ukrainian market of auto parts and a team of highly qualified specialists are developing and launching into production exclusive silent blocks for such cars. Now the owners of such cars have the opportunity to avoid costly replacement of the entire lever by replacing the failed detail with the MetGum TM silent block.

Most often, the stabilizer bushings and silent blocks of the suspension arms fail, since they have the most loads (especially on domestic roads). Even if one of the suspension silent blocks is defective, this is fraught with consequences. Symptoms of broken silent blocks:
- the car leads to the side - this may be due to the fact that the silent blocks on one side have worn out more;
- the car leads one way, then the other way — perhaps, the wear of the silent blocks is uniform and has reached a critical point;
- car tires have begun to characteristically rub off on the sides;
- A characteristic knock began in the suspension.

You can carry out a visual diagnosis of the silent blocks by yourself. The best option would be to use a car lift or overpass, but if neither one nor the other is available, you can do without them. To check it, you must remove one wheel and hang the suspension with the second jack. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the rubber bushings. Hob need to be changed if the visible part of the rubber is cracked or crawls out from under the washer. Allowing full wear of the silent blocks is not only dangerous, but also costly, since its metal parts break up the hinge seats, and such repairs will be expensive. It is recommended to perform a health check of the silent blocks every 50 thousand km. of the car's mileage.

MetGum products. Some items:

0804 FRONT STABILIZER BUSHING Volkswagen T4 Transporter 1991-2004, T4 Transporter syncro 1993-2004
26 грн.
in stock
0112 EXHAUST PIPE SUPPORT Ford Escort CA 1981-1986, Escort DA 1986-1990, Fiesta AX 1976-1989, Fiesta CX 1989-1996,...
64 грн.
in stock
0924 BUSHING REAR SPRING Fiat Ducato R/90 1990-1994, Talento R 90 1990-1994, Doblo 1W 119 2000-2004, Doblo...
40 грн.
in stock
1305 ARM BUSHING FRONT LOWER ARM Nissan Datsun (720), King Cab (D21), Nissan Truck (720, D21), Pathfinder...
50 грн.
in stock
152 грн.
in stock
48 грн.
in stock
1149 SPRING SEAT Mercedes (Transporter; 730, 732, 901, 902, 903, 904; 1996-2006) 214, 314, 414; Sprinter (901,...
130 грн.
in stock
38 грн.
in stock
2504 ARM BUSHING REAR UPPER ARM Exiga (Y10) 2009-, Forester (S12) 2007-2012, Impreza (G12) 2007-2011, Impreza...
202 грн.
in stock
1432 REAR ARM BUSHING LOWER ARM Lexus LS 460/460L (USF4#) 2006-
444 грн.
in stock
2019 ARM BUSHING FRONT UPPER ARM Iveco New Daily, Turbodaily, Daily CNG, 35C10, 35C12, 35C15, 35C18, 35S9, 35S11, 35S12, 35S13, 35S14, 35S15, 50C11, 50C13, 50C15
134 грн.
is ending
0533 INNER ARM BUSHING FOR TRACK CONTROL ARM 12х34,5х42х52 Opel Vectra-C, Signum
196 грн.
in stock
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