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 Catalog » Infiniti » FX 45/35 (S50) 2002-2008
PhotoCatalog number
MetGum 1323
FRONT ARM BUSHING FRONT ARM Infiniti FX 45/35 (S50) 2002-2008
MetGum 1323
FRONT ARM BUSHING FRONT ARM Infiniti FX 45/35 (S50) 2002-2008
1323 54500CG200 54501CG200 306.0 in stock

FRONT ARM BUSHING FRONT ARM Infiniti FX 45/35 (S50) 2002-2008 Applicability
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Silent blocks, dust coats, bushes for Infiniti cars, presented in the MetGum spare parts online catalog. You can search bushes, reinforced silent blocks for FX 45/35 (S50) 2002-2008 by original part number or size dimensions.

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FX 45/35 (S50) 2002-2008 silent block made from high-quality raw materials. Using our own research make it possible to manufacture high-quality products. Infiniti parts adapted for domestic roads. Metgum focused on the high quality of our production. We don't make low-quality cheap spare parts. Therefore, silent blocks, dust coats, stabilizer bushings and other rubber goods of the MetGum trademark have proven themselves as a quality solution in the auto parts market for many years. Silent block, dust coat, stabilizer bush made by MetGum trademark constructively and qualitatively benefit in comparison with identical parts from other manufacturers. The rubber bush for FX 45/35 (S50) 2002-2008 produced by MetGum trademark is a high-quality auto part. Installing into the car MetGum auto parts, you can be confident in their reliability and durability.
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