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The enterprise has received the Diploma " the Chemical and petrochemical industry of Ukraine " for the powerful contribution to development of branch.


All MetGum products are subject to an unconditional guarantee - the buyer has the right to return or exchange goods with any quality claims for unlimited service life.

Purchase returns

The buyer has the right to return the purchased goods within 30 calendar days from the moment of its sending by the delivery service.

Return of goods with a marriage or quality claim, which are identified during the period of operation, is carried out for an unlimited time.

Important! With a complaint, only the cost of the goods is compensated. Delivery cost of removal / installation of parts, auto repair - is not compensated.

The refund is carried out:

- to card account
- cash on delivery in delivery service New Mail

For all questions return and warranty call tel. +38 050 340-17-32

+38 (050) 440-05-00
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+38 (050) 340-17-32
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