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Wellcome to our web site!


Ukrainian enterprise under trade mark "MetGum" produces rubber-metal spare parts for the models of the cars which are most commonly used on the territory of Ukraine according to the technical terms approved by government standard of Ukraine.

The enterprise is attested by the leading research institute of elastomer UNIKTI "DENTEM".

On our site you can find information useful for both the professionals, who are engaged in repairing cars and selling spares, and motor-car enthusiasts.

You may get detailed technical information about our products using the form of end-to-end search, advanced search or choosing a model of interest in the menu to the left.

We also issued an electronic catalogue of spares by EPC Metgum. For more information see the section 'CD-catalogue'.

We constantly communicate with the customers and regard with thanks both criticism and any useful propositions. Interesting propositions of our customers will be placed in the section 'Advice'.

In a component description is now available extra information about its usage

All the kinds of search by catalogue are fully working

The enterprise has received the Diploma " the Chemical and petrochemical industry of Ukraine " for the powerful contribution to development of branch.

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