In a component description is now available extra information about its usage

All the kinds of search by catalogue are fully working

The enterprise has received the Diploma " the Chemical and petrochemical industry of Ukraine " for the powerful contribution to development of branch.

Why do you need to work with us?

We produce and sell auto parts for over 15 years

In production, we do not strive to get the lowest price on the market, first of all we want to get quality. Own production allows you to quickly respond to customer feedback

Unconditional guarantee for all products. In case of the marriage, if the item turned out to be poor quality during the operation, your client is unhappy with something - just return this item to us in any form and we will return the money or change it to two new ones

Fruitful cooperation
Hundreds of wholesale customers are already working with us and thousands of retail customers are satisfied with our products.

What do we do and do not do for our clients?

We will not send you a price list with a bunch of positions in which nothing is clear at all. We will provide a convenient catalog with search by number, model, size, as well as with photos, drawings, and diagrams. For the convenience of loading the nomenclature into your database or online store, we will give you tables with crosses, as well as convenient price lists in Word and Excel formats.

We will not require minimum monthly purchases from you. We are ready to discuss your conditions individually and look forward to a new customer.

We will not require additional surcharge for payment by bank transfer. But if you want to pay in cash, we don’t mind

We take care of all the delivery arrangements. We just deliver your order absolutely free

You do not need to think about our product, which is “frozen” and not for sale. We will simply exchange it for our other product that you sell.

You will not need to write us 50 letters and dial 40 minutes to get an answer to your question. We are always in touch. We quickly and efficiently respond to any questions from our customers.

How to work with us:

You leave a request

We will contact you and clarify the details of the order.

Send goods

You make money!

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